What is Chichibit ?

> It is a 10,000 chihuahuas NFT collection that is here to help real animals by donating 50% of the NFTs first sale price to a chosen animal charity association.

Why should I buy a Chichibit ?

> Our top priority is to help animals. By joining us you will be part of our amazing community and get awesome hand-drawn Chichibits.

What are Shelters purpose ?

> Each Chichibit founder sponsors a shelter among the four existing ones : Audacious, Valiants, Highbrows and Robusts.
Which one will you rally ?
They will be composed of 2.5k Chichibits each and will possess a private Discord in order to set up combat strategies between shelters.
Battles will regularly happen through events in order to get distinctions and rewards.
Join us to be part of the adventure of Chichibits !

How can I make sure I helped animals ? You should see a doge right here..

> Our first donation to our partner association will be done 48h after launch if every Chichibits found an owner in this alloted time.
Else it will be done each week until every Chichibits have been adopted. Evidence of the donations will be shared to the community via our Twitter and Discord.

Which association will be the chosen one ?

> We currently are examinating possibilities. We will let you know ASAP !

How donations will help animals ?

> As soon as we would agree with a charity, we will not miss to get you informed.

How will donations be used from the association ?

> Again, it will be shared with the community.

Where can I find a awesome Chichibit ?

> You will be able to securely buy Chichibits right from our website. As soon as you bought your magnificent Chichibit, you will own it and it will be available in your wallet thanks to ERC-721 contract.
Second hand selling/buying from us feature will be implemented later on Opensea.
Do not hesitate to check our Discord and Twitter to get the latest news about sales, events and giveaways on the Chichibit collection !

How much will it cost ?

> 0.04 ETH + gas fees on the website.

What is the purpose of the coin that comes with my Chichibit ?

> You will know soon enough ;) But we can assure you you want to get one !

What is next to come for the Chichibit community ?

> By joining us you will be involved in great community as you will. Don't hesitate to share your ideas, everyone can contribute with wonderful ideas and suggestions !
We encourage you to visit the Roadmap webpage to get to know what is coming. It will regularly be updated.
Events and giveaways are already planned.