Chichibit Shelter

Sales opened on September 8th 2021, 20:30 UTC

Mint your Chichibit

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Join the chichibit adventure

Chichibit cares about animal welfare

This is our new 10,000 randomly generated chihuahuas NFT collection with more than 200 millions possibilities.
Chichibits owned will have from 4 to 12 properties among 127 possible ones (still increasing).
Each one have a rarity degree from common to fabulous.
Besides being stylish, CHICHIBIT hopes to raise a community ready to contribute for animal welfare.
"How!?" you would say.
Well, 50% of NFT's first sale price will be donated to our partner ROLDA Org. !
Hop on in one of the 4 "shelters" and be part of our journey by mixing blockchain technology and donations for animal welfare!

Owner Benefits

Charity aspect
Do a good deed, adopt a Chichibit and be involved in a good way for real-life animals.

Equal odds
Every purchaser has the same chance to get rare properties and accesories.

No inflation
Sale price won't fluctuate. Every Chichibits will be available at the same price on our website.

Copyright transferred
When purchasing a Chichibit you become the owner of the NFT until you sell it.

High resolution image
Every Chichibit have a resolution of 1000 x 1000 pixels.

Look at these faces