Message from Dana, the ROLDA foundator

Every day, on Romanian streets, homeless animals struggle to survive.
Injured, neglected, sometimes abused, hungry and alone. ROLDA became an officially registered charity in 2006 but I helped animals since I finished highschool, carrying injured dogs in my parents tiny appartment.


Since 2006, ROLDA helped over 20,000 animals and rehomed in Romania and other European countries over 2000 of them.
Looking back, I know that there are some things I could have done better and differently but I am grateful for each day spent near these dogs from which I learn invaluable lessons.


I observed their interesting behaviors, how it changed from wild animals into pets around humans. I know their body language, different barking sounds. I know they are grateful, delicate and great companions. During all these years, I had all kind of experiences with people, some of them truly inspirational.

Dana - ROLDA

As years are passing, I am searching for younger generations role models that will carry my vision, my goals, people I can connect with and add their energy to dare to hope that all these animals will have a safe future.
Like my special dogs bring to me.
From the first emails exchanged with Axel and his team, I felt a connection and their passion for animals is obvious. Their enthusiasm, power to work to follow their dreams, their seriosity - all these are rare and precious.
Together with the CHICHIBIT team, we can change animals futures in a country where they have noone else to protect them.