The story

The year is 2022.
8 years ago ATCV-1 virus was discovered. It was located in throats but non-lethal. However, it had the capacity to decrease cognitive functions as well as intelligence and memory. The population wasn't worried and researchs were let down.

It's been a year now and a new and more virulent form of the virus called ATCV-2 was prolifirating. Humans didn't care much trivializing the facts.
Governing countries became difficult due to the effects of the virus on societies. Quickly looting, fights and incivilities were recurent, humans becoming more and more reckless and selfish.
Months went by and when some of them realized the virus was spreading faster and faster with an increased mortality, it already was too late.

Groups of people took refuge in coveted underground bunkers leading to bloody fights. Lesser groups of people managed to escape in spacecrafts including one with patient zero in hope of finding a cure.
Sadly, humans could have get the solution at the rise of these viruses but it was now infecting every other animals.
Every one of them ? You guessed it, no.

Chihuahuas were mutating and getting stronger due to their genes - genes they have right now, so watch out.
So much in fact that they were evolving into Chichibits until they ran the world. Anarchy became mainstream for many of them beginning with the snooze button on their alarm clock to burning tires to protest against climate deregulation.

Like humans before them, tensions were building between Chichibits and 4 shelters seemed to take place : Audacious, Valiants, Highbrows and Robusts.
Which shelter will run planet Earth ?
Every one of them left are rallying a shelter and you can be part of the story ! At birth a Chichibit randomly rally one of the 4 shelters with no means to change... Or maybe there is a way... Yep, the fusion laboratory !